Sophy King is an artist based in Manchester and Salford.  Her work is concerned with the relationship between people and their environment.  Her post-graduate study of Landscape Architecture looked for a deeper understanding of environmental systems, processes and phenomena in relationship to social concerns.

Her work looks at how we impact our environment and asks how that relationship works both ways. She investigates urban regeneration, how we can live in our cities and retain a natural connection to the world; what we can learn from the systems of nature and translate these to how we can develop our society. How can we conserve the things we value at the same time as reaching for the things we aspire to.

The Land Art movement is a clear influence in her work, the use of massive works to connect to a space and the light around it.  She works in a site specific way, allowing the unique qualities of a location to shape the work, creating a place as much as an installation.

Her background in 3D Design, Glass and Landscape Architecture is reflected in her use of materials, using industrial components and processes alongside plants. She works in glass, metal, wood, plastic, moss, plants, LEDs, concrete and more. Natural light, time and changing seasons become an additional medium, part of the work as a whole. Her participatory works include organizing events and activities to engage the community in the artistic process.

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